Park Hill Church


The plan


“I will build my church.” - Jesus

Park Hill Church is a community in the process of being formed by Jesus. We are a non-denominational church that believes in the authority of the Christian Scriptures for our life and practice. We hold to the essential orthodox Christian beliefs as best expressed in the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed. We are seeking to be an authentic expression of the kingdom of God in the twenty-first century. We believe Jesus is the reigning King of the world. As an expression of Jesus’ kingdom, we are a community devoted to practicing the way of Jesus, together in the city of San Diego.

2017 is our Launch Year. On Easter Sunday we began the journey of planting Park Hill Church. A local church is more than a weekly gathering, but it is not less than that. We have begun our weekly gatherings downtown at 590 Fir St every Sunday morning at 10am. All are welcome. In these gatherings we have the word, the table, songs of praise, and one another. Later this year we will roll out fresh opportunities for community with other followers of Jesus throughout the week. We will also pursue ways we can be the healing presence of Jesus in the broken places of our city. Launch Year will culminate with our Advent launch series in December. We will officially launch Park Hill Church on Christmas Eve Sunday.



The call



San Diego is a post-Christian city, brimming with the creativity and vibrancy of a pluralistic, hedonistic culture. This is why we believe our city is ripe for spiritual awakening. There is nothing more beautiful than a richly diverse community that practices the Way of Jesus together through loving one another and loving our neighborhood well. This is who we believe Park Hill Church is called to be – in, and for, the city of San Diego. Jesus is building his church for the good of the world. You are invited to join us in Planting Park Hill church.




We passionately believe in prayer. Our pre-gathering prayer begins every Sunday at 9:15am. We meet before the main gathering to call out to God for one another, and for our city. You are invited to pray with us. Also, be sure to sign up for our August Prayer Tour before it fills up.





We dream of becoming a church marked by radical generosity. Ventures of faith like this require more resources than one of us can produce. This is a family endeavor, so please consider giving generously for the work of the kingdom in San Diego. 





We believe God is actively at work renewing his creation. He does this through his global Church, of which Park Hill Church is a local expression. If you sense Jesus calling you to join his renewing work in the city of San Diego, we would love to meet you. If you are in San Diego and don’t have church to call home, we want you to know that God loves you. And we would love to get to know you.


We Gather


Weekend gatherings are the primary way we gather as a church. We gather around the bread and cup, to pray, learn the Scriptures, and worship together as the people of God.


Sunday Gatherings

 10 am | 590 fir st, san diego, ca 92101