PARK HILL Communities


Church is more than a two-hour gathering on Sunday. it is not only a crowd gathered around a stage, but a community sharing life around a table. PARK HILL COMMUNITIES ARE THE PRIMARY WAY THAT WE PRACTICe THE WAY OF JESUS, TOGETHER in san diego.

Learn more about Communities by attending an upcoming Basics class.

Leaders: Cesar & Ximena Avalos

Location: Serra Mesa

Gathering time: Wednesdays 7:00PM


Leaders: Randy & Tori Charlson

Location: southpark

Gathering time: Thursdays 6:30PM

Leaders: Chloe Spiess, Michelle Sanchez, Mary Helen Getty

Location: Northpark

GAthering time: Thursday 7:00PM

Leaders: Kyle & Ashley Vinton

Location: downtown

gathering time: wednesday 6:00pm

Leader: mikayla Todd

Location: Point Loma

Gathering time: Thursday 6:45PM

Leader: Katy Randall

Location: La Mesa

Gathering time: wednesday 6:00pm

Leaders: Todd & Jessica Pinckney

Location: Linda Vista

Gathering time: Tuesday 6:00pm

Leaders: Todd & Taylor McWethy, Chris & Megan Probasco

Location: Point Loma

Gathering time: 2nd & 4th Thursdays 6:00PM

Leader: Kimberly Hariman

Location: Coronado

Gathering time: friday 7:00pm

Leaders: Clark & Amy Jones

Location: NOrthpark

Gathering time: wednesday 7:00pm

Leaders: Andrew & Jeanette Penniman

Location: Del Mar

Gathering time: Monday 7:15pm

Leaders: Jon & Tabatha Ruiz

Location: Various

Gathering time: Meets 2nd/4th Sunday 12:30PM

Leaders: Ashley Stanley

Location: downtown

Gathering time: Thursday 6:30PM

Leader: Jason Geik

Location: Northpark

Gathering time: WEDNESDAY 7:00PM

Leaders: Jason & Tinika Wyatt

Location: spring valley

Gathering time: tuesday 6:00pm

Leaders: Joseph Miller & Sara Strome

Location: Point Loma

Gathering time: Saturday 10:00am

Leader: Liz Huckaby

Location: ocean beach

Gathering time: wednesday 6:45pm

Leaders: Ryan & Beth Marchbanks

Location: SouthPark

Gathering time: sunday 5:00pm

Leaders: Phil & Amy Cunningham

Location: Chula Vista

Gathering time: Wednesday 6:30pm

Leaders: Tom & Kim Walpole

Location: Rancho Penasquitos

Gathering time: friday 7:00pm

Leaders: Andrew & Anna Vanover

Location: Bonita

Gathering time: tuesday 7:00pm

Leader: derek early

Location: Serra Mesa

Gathering time: tuesday 7:00pm

Leaders: Rich & Laurie Haynes

Location: Clairemont

Gathering time: tuesday 6:30pm

Leaders: Geoff & Nikki Ledford

Gathering time: Tuesday 7:00AM–8:45AM

Leader: Wesley Tran

Location: Point Loma

Gathering time: Tuesday 7PM