For further reading/source material behind this sermon, see David Lomas’ “The Truest Thing About You.”

For further reading and Source material for this sermon, visit “the Year of Biblical Literacy.” IT’s a resource of sermons, videos, and small group material put together in 2016 by our dear friends at Reality San Francisco and Bridgetown Church. These resources have directly shaped a ton of how we talk about the Nature and authority of the Bible at Park Hill church.

For further reading/source material behind this sermon on Marriage and Divorce as followers of Jesus, see David Instone Brewer’s “Divorce and REmarriage in the Church” as well as Tim Mackie’s unpacking of this issue in a sermon entitled “Jesus, Marriage, & Sex” he gave on 10/11/2015 at Door of Hope Church. Tim Mackie’s Matthew Teachings have shaped a ton of how we have been unpacking Matthew at Park Hill Church. We Highly recommend you check them out here.

For further reading/source material on kingdom singleness, see Sean DOherty’s “Sexual Singleness” from his “The Only Way Is Ethics” series. Also see Abbie Smith’s “Celibate Sex”, Sam Allberry’s “Seven Myths About Singleness”, and Christina Hitchcock’s “The Significance of Singleness.”

Some key transitions and illustrations in the above sermon originally appeared in Jon Tyson’s Q Ideas talk entitled “The Burden Is Light.” To hear Tyson’s talk, click here. For his book by the same title, click here.

For further reading/source material behind this sermon and Christian Political engagement, see “Jesus and Politics” sermon by JOn Tyson, Vox Podcast’s “Jesus And Politics” series, “Seek First: How the Kingdom of God Changes Everything” book by Jeremy Treat, and theological commentaries on Matthew by both Dale Bruner and Stanley Hauerwas.


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